About Aurum

A World Of Opportunities With Aurum

Our vision is to create a world of opportunities across diverse industries through our network of trusted communities, in order to facilitate growth for all our stakeholders.
We Seek Out 'Golden' Opportunities

'Golden' is Aurum's seal of excellence for what makes a product and opportunity worth its weight.

We create 'golden' connections across communities to bridge gaps between a problem and its solution.

It is the perfect blend of potential, innovation and impact to create value and to improve the future of businesses, professionals and individuals.

It is the ticket we offer to those who want to improve the future of people through space and opportunity, to redefine reality through our perspective of optimism and human centric innovation.

We Innovate Life—Within & Without Walls

Crafting from solid foundations of integrity and thoughtful design, we take an experiential human-centric approach to building spaces and communities.

We inject life into spaces and places, while breaking down walls that limit possibilities of connectivity and collaboration.

We Redefine Opportunities For The Future

We redefine what 'opportunity' means. By building on the best practices of the past, yet seizing the potential of the present, we innovate unique and compelling human-centric outcomes for the future of all involved.


Our Work Is a Reflection Of Our Values

• Being people-centric
• Pursuing growth and opportunity
• Prioritising trust and integrity
• Excellence and attention to detail


Through Our Businesses, We Seek To...

Redefine Living

We devote time and attention to create exclusive living spaces that blend beautiful design with top notch engineering.

Check Out Our Businesses - Aurum Land
Redefine Investing

We are guided by an eye on the future and an ear on the ground; seeking innovations that provide golden solutions.

Check Out Our Businesses - Aurum Investments
Redefine Working

We cultivate environments that purposefully gather leaders and innovators from diverse backgrounds to drive business growth for all.

Check Out Our Businesses - Found8
Redefine Wellness

We re-imagine the future of health and wellness—a rejuvenation of mind, body and business; holistic offerings for health centric consumers and practitioners alike.

Check Out Our Businesses - Core Collective

We’re passionate about creating value and golden opportunities for businesses, professionals and individuals – constantly seeking ways to improve life for you.

Come explore our solutions and offerings in work, health, living, investments and more.

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